" Family Owned & Operated. "

Our Story

med_big_Baldy209smallIn the late 60’s a boy was born into the world the same way he’ll leave it…bald. With an Italian father and an Irish mother, two things were certain – plenty of food and lots of children – 8 to be exact (7 boys, 1 girl). The nucleus of the house was the kitchen – where cooking and eating were the activities of choice. All seven boys grew into men. Bald men. Five of them went into the restaurant business. (Their father was a dentist — go figure).

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Baldy met a southern-raised man who shared his secret recipes and the love needed to create good barbeque. This man toured the country, winning award after award for his mouthwatering fare…and sometimes Baldy tagged along.

Having honed his skills in Aspen, Colorado, Baldy set out to find the perfect town to raise his family and spread the love. He found it in Bend, Oregon. You can find the bald man in his little red BBQ shack on the road to Mt. Bachelor. Or at his stompin’ grounds in Redmond. Or maybe in the rockin’ new East side spot? Stop by soon…you’ll be glad you did.